Vincent Vicari Art

Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, self-taught artist Vincent Vicari focuses on nature-inspired mandala and flower art. Working in pencil, ink and watercolor, his work mixes symmetry, design and botanical art for unique imagery.

About My Artwork

I’m a self-taught artist using shapes, patterns and designs in nature to create unique mandala and floral illustrations. Wildlife finds it’s way into my work as well. I share my work with a hope to bring attention to the beauty that is the miracle of nature. In our time of climate change I feel the more we are aware of our natural environment, the more we can do to preserve our world.

I focus on the use of mandalas for their universal beauty. Throughout history, the mandala is a design found in cultures spanning time and continents. As humans, we are attracted to the symmetry and simply complex patterns of mandalas. I feel mixing in floral and wildlife illustration makes for a unique contemporary artwork.

How Can I Help You?

I write blog posts about the creative process, the creative life and my ongoing work. I encourage you to be more creative and live a more purposeful life through your own creativity.

My work is available on prints, stickers, and various apparel. I enjoy a good hoodie and of course wall art. If you enjoy a good pullover as much as I do, check out my store. Don’t forget the wall art too!

Lastly, the truth is, I would love to work with you. Creating for others is an honor and privilege. If you are interested in a custom mandala illustration piece, please send me an email at vvicariart@gmail.com.

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