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Why I Went Crazy With Zendoodle




One of my creative goals for 2017 was to simply get more creative. Part of that plan, and you should always plan your creativity, is to post more artwork to my blog.

What’s an artist’s blog without art?

So the drawing above was really just a simple doodle that morphed into an array of colors, lines and crazy do-dads consisting of semi-symmetrical designs. Continue reading Why I Went Crazy With Zendoodle

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Tangled In Zentangle

Zentangle Custom Art Poster
Zentangle Custom Art Poster by VicariArt
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It was a relaxing Sunday afternoon in 2014 when I thought why not do something different. When I picked up my pencils again to create my art, I was set on drawing animals and landscapes. But as the sun was setting, I started to think why not mix it up. Here came the zentangle!

Continue reading Tangled In Zentangle