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Creative Jumpstart: How Social And Tech Hurt Creativity


Have you considered disconnecting from your social media? Have you considered turning your smartphone off and putting it out of sight?

What if I told you if you did these two things, you would find more happiness and better health? I did it for 3 days and I found peace. Saying no to your social media and your constantly connected tech is actually a good thing. What’s better, disconnecting makes your creativity better.

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Creative JumpStart: Put Your Coffee Into Words

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Are you ready for your next creative leap? Get a jump on your creative life with your morning coffee!

Living creatively doesn’t mean you need to struggle with creating. You can and should create whatever you want.

Since you’re probably like me and fuel your day-to-day with caffeine, why not let your love of java and creativity collide?  Continue reading Creative JumpStart: Put Your Coffee Into Words

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Creative Jump Start: Draw Your Breakfast

Creative Jumpstart

Creative Jumpstart

I talk so much about creativity and trying to find that creative spark, but how do you actually “be” creative? For me, I’m a drawing and picture-taking fiend…usually.

But being creative every day is challenging.

There are so many times when finding that “thing” to spark the creativity is hard. I know it doesn’t have to be, but I know that it is.

I know that you struggle too. So many people want to incorporate more creativity into their daily lives. They just don’t have the ideas or the time.

So I’m starting something new here on the blog and I hope it’s helpful. If not, I’ll find something else.  Continue reading Creative Jump Start: Draw Your Breakfast

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Poetry For Sunday: Crumbs

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What would I do without
the bits of daily habits?
The coffee-stained mugs and random
utencils waiting for their bath in the sink. 
My sketchpad stares at me.
LeRoi Moore and Dave providing the soundtrack.
Dull pencils around the random eraser.
Creativity is supposed to be endless. 
But even angels need to rest.
I cannot think in linear terms.
I tried sketching that dry toast.
I ate it instead.
Small crumbs of daily habits.
Words to the writer.
Lines and shapes to the artist.
Random thoughts to billions of us.
Bits of daily habits are the crumbs
that make each day worth the time.

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How To Write A Killer Headline For Your Content


Have you struggled to write quality content? Have you wondered where to start?

Writing good content isn’t easy. It’s a skill requiring time to learn. It takes practice.

But who has the time? Especially if you’re an artist, you want to spend your time creating. Not writing content.

Think of content marketing as a necessity that drives traffic to your site, gets potential leads and eventually gains conversions and customers. That’s great and all except you draw or paint. You don’t write.

You want the conversions and the customers to buy your art. But how do you write content?

This post is the first in a series of posts for writing content for creatives (and really anyone else). Today, I’m going to give you five tips on how to write a killer headline for your content.  Continue reading How To Write A Killer Headline For Your Content