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Winter Cast Away: A Journey In Elegy


“Winter Cast Away”

Winter with down of snow cast beyond memory.

Spring greets us in store fashion.

Seasons change and wither on vines of time.

Epochs of natural bliss come and go.

I am sad for blankets of flakes leave us.

Yet warm rays light fires in hearts.

Summer upon the horizon with ships of hot times.

Run barefoot in grasses once covered by Old Man Winter.

Part of writing poetry is experimenting and of course practicing writing. I’m in continual learning with various poetic forms. Elegy, while originally from the Greeks, typically infuses sadness of some form. I didn’t want to be overtly sad or depressed, but express more of a sentimental goodbye to Winter. As the snow is falling outside my window right now, this is probably not the time for this piece. Se la vie.

I struggle to not go on and on. For reasons unknown to me, I sometimes think of poetry as having to be extremely long. I forced myself to leave this at four, simple stanzas.

My theme is the passing of Winter. My form is elegy with the device of metaphor. Hopefully I captured the spirit of each and as always, this is more about learning and developing the skill of the art of poetry.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to critique.