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A Positive Attitude Always Leads To Success

Positive Attitude

I learned a long time ago, that success is made through attitude. The more positive you are, the more success you will find. We all want things to be easy. The number one complaint you hear from all walks of life is how hard things are. Go in search of your easy and think positive.

When you have a positive outlook, you are happier. Things in life, regardless of what they are, are far easier when you’re happy. Now I don’t expect nor want anyone to be that annoying positive.

Part of being sucessfully positive is also being realistic. It’s fine to express sadness and you need to recognize when you’re not happy. But don’t dwell in negative thoughts. Recognize the challenges and overcome. This is good for leadership and for your creative process.

So stay positive and find your success!

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Why Passion Is the Foundation of Success


Why do you think passion is so important to success? Without passion, you will almost certainly not attain the success and the life that you want. You can read any book on success and leadership and almost every one will include something about doing what you love. Why is it so important? Simply put, passion is the driving force behind your success. Whether you are a starving artist, or climbing the corporate ladder, doing what you love for your work (it’s not really work, but more on that later) is what gets you to achieve your goals. Let me give you five reasons why your passion is the foundation of your success.  Continue reading Why Passion Is the Foundation of Success