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Poetry For Sunday: Crumbs

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What would I do without
the bits of daily habits?
The coffee-stained mugs and random
utencils waiting for their bath in the sink. 
My sketchpad stares at me.
LeRoi Moore and Dave providing the soundtrack.
Dull pencils around the random eraser.
Creativity is supposed to be endless. 
But even angels need to rest.
I cannot think in linear terms.
I tried sketching that dry toast.
I ate it instead.
Small crumbs of daily habits.
Words to the writer.
Lines and shapes to the artist.
Random thoughts to billions of us.
Bits of daily habits are the crumbs
that make each day worth the time.

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Poetry For Breakfast: Don’t Be Afraid

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Don’t be afraid.

What’s inside is true.

A love, like no other.


Like fresh snow.

Your touch, simple.

That smile, I always enjoyed.

That laugh, reached my heart.

You’re words, spoke joy.

Remember the coffee shop?

Tribeca too.

Stay a while.

A love, like no other.

Don’t be afraid.

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Love Simple: A Poem

Each morning I wonder.
Will you still be here?
My love grows like crescendo.
I hope you stay.
Never leave.
I fear I’ve pushed you away.
A note to you.
My love manifesto.
My heart in words.
Never have a I felt.
Joy like this.
Perfect love.
Perfect as perfect can be.
You are the match.
The joy.
Love me.
For I love you.
Together we’ll be.
Eternal love.
Simple love.
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Find Me: A Poem

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When you find me, you will know.

I’m closer than you think.

My heart, searching for you.

It is love. I’m sure.

No other way.

No other feeling.

No more emotion than love.

Find me.

Please, I yearn.

I hope.

I look for you on the subway.

I thought I saw you in the park.

My heart, beats.

A skip, like through puddles.

Simple joy, is all you are.

Love, is all I need.

But only yours.

No one else.

Just you.

Just me.

A play on words.

A dance of souls.

Tangled emotions.

Clarity beyond eternity.

Find me.


I will love you.


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Saturday Poetry: Imagine


Imagine not,
a time without.

You escaped me.
Hearts torn.

Washed over me,
your love like waterfall.

Storm clouds brewed,
aromatic trouble.

We loved,

We adored,

Once again,
paths crossed.

Love does not end.
Sometimes just a pause.

Together again.
Imagine that.

Original verse by V. Vicari copyright 2016.