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Poetry For Sunday: You

What are you doing?
I wish I knew.
Right now. 
What are you dancing too.
What you're watching.
Are you painting your nails?
Or snuggling with the little ones.
Are you thinking of me perhaps?
I hope. 
What are you doing? 
I wish I knew.
I wish I was there.
Just be near...
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A Moment

I have many thoughts.
Burdensome at times.
Only because I can't pursue.
Out of reach. 
My depth perception of love,
Icy windows cover my soul. 
I just want to touch.
But for a second.
It's that simple. 
That much love.
A moment's embrace.

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Poetry For Sunday: The Year It Was

An escape from reality.
Obscure and obscene beliefs,
mainstream fodder. 
The year it was. 
I rubbed my forehead in disbelief.
The world immersed in a bad sinus infection. 
Alas, hope abounds. 
What rubbish and disgust bring,
spurns courage and unity.
The year it was.
Hope. New faces.
Peace and happiness on the horizon.
New beginnings. 
A new chapter 365 pages long. 
The year it will be.