Beckoning Trail

The trail beckons. Birdsong resounds.I can’t help it.I’m called to the land.I wouldn’t be me,without the nature.The Earth, oh how good she is.Calls my soul.Tugs my heart like a lover,long lost. The spring is here. The land is mine to traverse.The trail beckons.


Poetry For Sunday: Crumbs

What would I do without the bits of daily habits? The coffee-stained mugs and random utencils waiting for their bath in the sink. My sketchpad stares at me. LeRoi Moore and Dave providing the soundtrack. Dull pencils around the random eraser. Creativity is supposed to be endless. But even angels need to rest. I cannot…


Saturday Poetry: Imagine

White Flower Petal Photo Canvas Print by VicariArt View more art printed on canvas on Zazzle “Imagine” Imagine not, a time without. You escaped me. Hearts torn. Washed over me, your love like waterfall. Storm clouds brewed, aromatic trouble. We loved, passionately. We adored, obsessively. Once again, paths crossed. Love does not end. Sometimes just…