Creative Jumpstart: Create In Black and White

Last week I spoke about shading and how you can spark your creativity. Today, let’s talk about that creative spark through making art in black and white.

I love a good, powerful, black and white image. Think about the last time you saw a beautifully composed photo in black and white, how did it make you feel?

What about a drawing?  Continue reading “Creative Jumpstart: Create In Black and White”

Creative Jump Start: Draw Your Breakfast

Creative Jumpstart

I talk so much about creativity and trying to find that creative spark, but how do you actually “be” creative? For me, I’m a drawing and picture-taking fiend…usually.

But being creative every day is challenging.

There are so many times when finding that “thing” to spark the creativity is hard. I know it doesn’t have to be, but I know that it is.

I know that you struggle too. So many people want to incorporate more creativity into their daily lives. They just don’t have the ideas or the time.

So I’m starting something new here on the blog and I hope it’s helpful. If not, I’ll find something else.  Continue reading “Creative Jump Start: Draw Your Breakfast”

Find Shapes In Nature And Architecture


The basics of art and photography are shapes. Even in nature, I’m looking for shapes.

Trees, hills, bushes, flower petals, you name it. It’s about shapes. And drawing, especially mandalas is well, shapes and lines.

Take the picture above, it’s nothing more than lines and simple shapes.  Continue reading “Find Shapes In Nature And Architecture”

Landscape Photography: Lake Minnewaska, New York

New York State is an absolutely beautiful place to live or visit. The landscapes from Long Island to the Finger Lakes give us photographers much to shoot.

Last weekend, the family and I took a little day trip to Lake Minnewaska in the Mohonk Preserve. Located in the Mid-Hudson Valley just past New Paltz, this state park is a gorgeous area. Picnic, hike, bike, swim, or just sit and take in the natural.

I used to visit as a kid and would go hiking with my dad. Now, I’m the dad and take my little man on the trails.

Here a few shots to give you some inspiration:

A little-hidden rock formation. Reminding me of something from a fantasy novel.

The view from a break in the trees along the Red path.


One last shot of the view. It was a beautiful day and perfect for a hike.


Live each day. Get out into nature. Bring a camera. Remember that phone you’re attached to? Take some pictures and enjoy the beauty of our natural world.

Remember too, when you’re on marked trails, stay on the path. Don’t disturb what nature gives us. No photo is worth destroying the nature we enjoy.

Go. Live. Be.

P.S. I captured these images using an LG Stylo 2.