Why Changing Your Perspective Will Make You Happy

Photo by V. Vicari 2017

This morning I woke up with the intent to do much on a Sunday.

Yes, a to-do list awaited.

Yet nothing on this list, except for my son’s soccer game, was anything I really wanted to do. I guess that’s why it’s a to-do list. You have to do it.

But then I asked myself why is this list a problem? It’s a list of things I get to do. I realized, it’s about perspective. Maybe you should change your perspective too.  Continue reading “Why Changing Your Perspective Will Make You Happy”

Diversity Fosters Creativity

Photo by Cole Hutson via Unsplash.com


Diversity fosters creativity and is an asset to any creative process. I think it’s very easy for creatives to stay within their comfort zones. But if you expose yourself to diverse individuals, you will find new ideas and new perspectives. How do you find that diversity? Simply look around you. If you live in a cave, then go outside and hop on social media and you will immediately expose yourself to thousands of new perspectives. Diversity is a key to creativity.  Continue reading “Diversity Fosters Creativity”