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How To Draw A Basic Mandala: Creative JumpStart!


I love drawing mandalas. Sometimes these pieces of art become very complicated. But they don’t need to be. What’s more, if you want to draw something your friends and family will be amazed by, try a mandala!

I hope you’re not intimidated by trying to draw a unique piece of art. But if you don’t know where to start, or are hesitant to try, this week’s Creative JumpStart is an art lesson! Follow along and draw your very own mandala!

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Artwork In The Works


Over the past two weeks, I’ve experimented with some different ideas. Mainly, I wanted to incorporate typography and shadowing into my work. Nothing too crazy, but just adding some depth and words to some mandala art.

If you don’t experiment, you don’t learn. So check out these pieces.¬† Continue reading Artwork In The Works

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A Mandala Called Stasis


Mandala art is really a journey in self-expression. I find when drawing a design, I become lost in the symmetry and the free-wheeling exercise of drawing. It’s a contradiction on paper. Drawing a mandala or any original design is a free ticket to simply be creative.

The idea behind my piece called “Stasis,” was to incorporate a little alien-ish design while holding to the repetitive circles and intricate details. The circles that go along the perimeter of the design create negative space but I think they remind the viewer of a crop circle. I feel these circles pull your eye to look all around the design. Continue reading A Mandala Called Stasis

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The Simplicity Of Black And White Art


Creativity isn’t static. It’s constantly evolving just as we are.

Creativity is the one thing that separates us from all other living things.

It’s our purpose. Everything came from an idea. A creative spark. When I draw, I rarely add color to my designs. There is a purity to black and white. The monochrome has a power.

Regardless of how intricate a design becomes, there is simplicity. That is what I’m searching for and aim to create.



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New Art: Mandala Plus Flowers

Mandala and Flowers

Spring is finally here and with it much natural inspiration for creating new art! The colors of spring flowers and fresh blooms have a unique beauty.

I’m always searching for new ways to incorporate more color into my designs. With this piece, I didn’t want to stray from the black and white mandala design. So why not add some floral work?

As the weather has warmed up, all the little weeds and various flowers have popped up all around our home. Purple and white irises, maple trees in full bloom and the grass I’ve been trying to grow has finally come up!

Lots of rain over the last few weeks has helped tremendously with making the yard lush with deep green. And just last week, the wife purchased beautiful petunias now hanging from shepherd hooks. The vibrant whites and purples catch the eye and inspired me to add vibrant color to this design.

Color, Color, A Mandala, and Some Flowers

The design, for me, is about shapes and vibrant color. The floral work is what allows for the colorful and simple shapes to stand out. Contrasted with the black and white mandala, your eye goes immediately to the flowers. Then you discover the intricacy of the mandala.

All of this¬†design, of course, while using various Sharpie markers. I’m about the frugality of creating art. Yes, the better the materials and tools, sometimes the better the product.

But art is art and you make what you can with what you got. So I Sharpie up!

The fine point Sharpie’s are great for the intricate mandala work. Very rarely does the marker bleed so you don’t need to worry about your design.

As always, I hope you enjoy the piece. I enjoyed this one and like the concept of blending mandalas and floral work. Stay tuned for more.

Enjoy your Sunday and the upcoming week!