Why Changing Your Perspective Will Make You Happy

Photo by V. Vicari 2017

This morning I woke up with the intent to do much on a Sunday.

Yes, a to-do list awaited.

Yet nothing on this list, except for my son’s soccer game, was anything I really wanted to do. I guess that’s why it’s a to-do list. You have to do it.

But then I asked myself why is this list a problem? It’s a list of things I get to do. I realized, it’s about perspective. Maybe you should change your perspective too.  Continue reading “Why Changing Your Perspective Will Make You Happy”

It’s Complicated

Red Tree Forest Poster
Red Tree Forest Poster by VicariArt
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Do you remember a time when life was simpler for you? Why was it simpler? Think about your responsibilities then and think about them now. What motivated you then? What motivates you now?

I was thinking about how life, as we get older, seems to become more complicated. But then I began thinking whether life becomes more complicated or do we just choose to complicate our lives. Yes, things change. We start careers, get married, have houses we need to maintain, etc. But do we really need to complicate things?

So for some Monday motivation, think about your current life situation and ask whether or not life is complicated or are you complicating your life. Then write about it, or draw it or sing it or simply tell someone else.

What inspiration do you gain from this? What might motivate you to change your ways or get yourself back to a simpler life?