Good Does Triumph Over All

Positive Attitude Poster Inspirational Poster by VicariArt
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Did you ever wonder why the stories we love are about good triumphing over evil? Notice how no matter what happens to Captain Kirk, he always wins? His intent is always to do the right thing, regardless of logic. We love good.  The idea that bad will always lose. We want the best in life to win and when you come from a good place, you do win.  Continue reading “Good Does Triumph Over All”

Personal Reflection

Tree With Purple Sky Photo Print
Tree With Purple Sky Photo Print by VicariArt
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Reflection is tough. The hardest thing to do is, is to step back and look at ourselves. Asking what can we do to improve who we are as a person, is truly difficult.

It’s also the most important thing we can do. Personal reflection is key to success in any relationship. Here’s why.  Continue reading “Personal Reflection”

5 Leadership Hacks Every Artist Needs

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Every artist is an entrepreneur. To be an creative entrepreneur, you must develop leadership qualities just like any other business person. There are many different skills, techniques, and nuances to leadership. Everyone’s style is a reflection of who they are as a person. I keep developing my skills and always look for new concepts and ideas. Regardless of your leadership style and personality, there are 5 leadership hacks that are universal.  Continue reading “5 Leadership Hacks Every Artist Needs”

Tangled In Zentangle

Zentangle Custom Art Poster
Zentangle Custom Art Poster by VicariArt
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It was a relaxing Sunday afternoon in 2014 when I thought why not do something different. When I picked up my pencils again to create my art, I was set on drawing animals and landscapes. But as the sun was setting, I started to think why not mix it up. Here came the zentangle!

Continue reading “Tangled In Zentangle”

Why Creatives Should Reuse Old Content

Sometimes, I like to use my old content. For you marketers, this is already a known tactic. But for us creative entrepreneurs, reusing old content is just as beneficial. Reusing some of my old stuff helps with the creativity too. I’ve been known to forget some of my newer ideas. So reviewing and using old stuff actually sparks creativity. My old ideas are new once again. What’s interesting is how relevant something I posted two years ago is today. Continue reading “Why Creatives Should Reuse Old Content”