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5 Leadership Hacks Every Artist Needs

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Every artist is an entrepreneur. To be an creative entrepreneur, you must develop leadership qualities just like any other business person. There are many different skills, techniques, and nuances to leadership. Everyone’s style is a reflection of who they are as a person. I keep developing my skills and always look for new concepts and ideas. Regardless of your leadership style and personality, there are 5 leadership hacks that are universal.  Continue reading 5 Leadership Hacks Every Artist Needs

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Tangled In Zentangle

Zentangle Custom Art Poster
Zentangle Custom Art Poster by VicariArt
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It was a relaxing Sunday afternoon in 2014 when I thought why not do something different. When I picked up my pencils again to create my art, I was set on drawing animals and landscapes. But as the sun was setting, I started to think why not mix it up. Here came the zentangle!

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