3 Ways To Be An Effective Leader


Leadership ain’t easy. Each leader has a unique style. But each leader uses different styles and methods throughout the day when leading their teams. Each of us strive to be good leaders. Regardless of what our roles, every supervisor and manager wants their subordinates to see them as a true leader. Regardless of your position and leadership style, there are three leadership tools that are universal.  Continue reading “3 Ways To Be An Effective Leader”

Why Excellence Matters, Not Perfection



Is there a point in attempting perfection when no one is perfect? Leaders and bosses, (yes there is a difference), continually push their teams for perfection. But why?

Our brains think we need to achieve perfection. Our organizations need to strive to be the best. Yet, no one and nothing is perfect. So we chase this idea of perfection knowing we will never attain it.

So why not choose excellence instead? Continue reading “Why Excellence Matters, Not Perfection”

Why You Should Enjoy Each Day

Each day is but one step in the journey of our lives. It’s true. Whether in business, family, friendship, each day is unique and special. So why focus on the long-term without being your best self every day?

Continue reading “Why You Should Enjoy Each Day”