How To Succeed As A Creative Entrepreneur

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The one barrier to your success is you. That little voice in your head that says no to your success. We all experience it. We all are susceptible to our own self-doubt. Stop and think how many times you held yourself back. Imagine what could have been? In the age of the entrepreneur, don’t be your own worst enemy.

By nature, most of us blame other people and events for our lack of success. Blaming others and things for something we didn’t do really doesn’t make sense. Yet we continue to limit our own possibilities.

The time is now, to end this vicious cycle.  Continue reading “How To Succeed As A Creative Entrepreneur”

Mandala Art To Start The New Year!

Mandala Art


Mandala art, I love it. Over the years I’ve struggled with finding a focus on what art I wanted to create. In 2016, I found it: mandalas. I love the design. The details. The creativity.

I find mandalas visually absorbing. When you look at an intricate design, you immediately feel your stress leaving. You get sucked into the details. Mandalas are a great way to add beautiful art without being too distracting.

This piece is an original design and I just enjoy the tiny details.

A great way to use a sharpie! Enjoy your New Year!  prints here.

Thank you for reading and if you are interested, you can find prints here.

Why Successful People Are Never Bored

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I’ve noticed people we all consider successful are never bored. They’re always doing something and not just anything, but useful things. Successful people are reading, writing posts, jotting down ideas, listening.


It’s a great habit really to develop, to always be doing something. Successful people build their success by accumulating ideas and good habits. Never being bored is a key to success.  Continue reading “Why Successful People Are Never Bored”

3 Things You Can’t Change. So Don’t Bother Trying!

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How much time do you waste trying to change things you can’t? Think about this for one moment. I’ve realized, no matter what I do, there are some things in life that I simply have no control over. I can’t change them. So why bother trying?

After all, trying to make something or someone conform to what I want is a huge time sink.

I’m sure there are number of “things” that would make this list. Limiting it to just three is an easy way to make a post. But personally, these three things are not only the most important, but the easiest ones to stop doing. Take a look:  Continue reading “3 Things You Can’t Change. So Don’t Bother Trying!”

3 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

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I love being creative. Coming up with ideas of things to draw and products to create is really a fun thing, at least for me. But finding that creative spark is sometimes a challenge. How often have you tried to find that spark? I’m sure, if you’re like me, you can go days without finding that “wow” idea. This of course, is frustrating. What’s more, struggling with your own creativity is discouraging. But, creative success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Continue reading “3 Ways To Boost Your Creativity”