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Music Monday: Another Kygo Remix

It’s Monday and time to get your creativity flowing for the new week.

A new week, a new start. Don’t let yourself fall off the creative train!

Get painting, drawing, writing or grab that camera!

Here’s another Kygo Remix to keep you motivated. If nothing else, you’ll get a good vibe.

Go. Be. Live.



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An Easy Way To Learn How To Make Art: YouTube

Drawing is obviously a true passion of mine. Early on I thought I wanted to do nothing but realism.

Then I realized (sorry for that), how hard realism is. But it makes for some absolutely beautiful art. So, how do you draw realism? Like anything else you practice.

The Virtual Instructor on YouTube is really useful and easy to watch. So for a little inspiration and learning, check out the video above.


Go. Be. Live.

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5 Beautiful Photos To Inspire You

I believe art and photography inspire us in ways nothing else can. So, since it’s Wednesday and the proverbial “hump day,” why not find some inspiration in some beautiful photos by some awesome photographers!

Sam Ferrara


Massimo Mancini


Graham Holtshausen

Patrick Hendry

Chris Holgersson

Live. Love. Go.

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Making Inspiration on Instagram!


Once summer comes, blogging seems to take a back seat to summertime fun. But that doesn’t mean creativity should stop.

I’ve been busy working with Canva and posting to Instagram to improve my social media marketing results.  Continue reading Making Inspiration on Instagram!

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7 Odd Ways To Spark Your Creativity

Photo by Sorasak via

It’s Monday. Your week just started and you’re scratching your head what to write about.

Join the club.

I’ve spent the better part of today wondering what I could possibly write about. I’ve neglected my content calendar so of course, I have nothing specifically to post for this hot, sunny Monday.

Then it hit me, why not a quick, simple, motivational list to start the weekContinue reading 7 Odd Ways To Spark Your Creativity