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Creative JumpStart: Stretch Your Way to Creativity


Our brains have this awesome ability to come up with ideas. This creativity truly makes us human…among a few other things of course. Learning how to stretch your way to creativity is a great tool!

But creativity comes best to a healthy mind and a healthy mind is fueled by a healthy body. Diet and exercise are key to a healthy life.

So is stretching.  Continue reading Creative JumpStart: Stretch Your Way to Creativity

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Creative JumpStart: Get Some Sleep


There is much that goes into living a creative life. Especially when as individuals we’re constantly in search of finding creativity. Sleep is crucial to creativity.

Believe it or not, I find that getting the right amount of shut-eye helps my creativity. I feel like I’m full of ideas after a good night’s rest.

So for this Creative JumpStart…Go to bed.  Continue reading Creative JumpStart: Get Some Sleep

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Creative JumpStart: Meditation


It’s Monday again and after a long week and even shorter weekend, I wanted to take a different direction with the Creative JumpStart: meditation.

No equipment or assembly required here. Just a little time and quiet. So let’s get started.  Continue reading Creative JumpStart: Meditation

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5 Things: Read For Continuous Learning

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How often do you hear successful entrepreneurs and others talk about continuous learning?

I’m a huge fan of lifelong learning and one of the best ways to learn is to read.

I mean read anything you can get your hands on. Professional journals, blogs, you name it. Read.

So here’s a brief list of five articles you can read right now that will help you learn something today!  Continue reading 5 Things: Read For Continuous Learning

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3 Reasons Why Doodling Is Beneficial



Do you doodle? I love to doodle. Over the years I’ve filled margin after margin with aimless, nonsensical doodles. We all do it or have done it at some point.

The definition of doodling is to scribble absent-mindedly. I like to think it’s more of a creative pursuit.

Doodling has several benefits for your daily life and creativity!

Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Doodling Is Beneficial