Why You Can’t Hesitate To Be Creative

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Creativity isn’t a destination. I’ve finally accepted this as the truth about my creative process.

What about you?

Creativity is a journey. It’s a long, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, occasionally boring, usually tedious voyage through life.

But it’s a daily grind. A mission that’s personal and imperative. It’s wonderful.  Continue reading “Why You Can’t Hesitate To Be Creative”

Poetry For Sunday: Soul Searching

Copyright V. Vicari 2017

Why do I compete?
Constant comparisons.
For what? 
A social network?
Searching, seeking truth.
My inner persona.
My genuine self.
What does it matter,
what you think.
What are you to me?
A friend?
You wouldn't judge.
You would accept.
Maybe it's time.
Maybe we need to split.
A divorce of friends.
I've searched.
The depths of me.
I found you there.
Making crumbs of stress
on my soul.
It's time.
Just walk away.
I'll do the same.
A search of the soul.
Let us leave.
No one but myself,
to blame.

5 Things: Read For Continuous Learning

Photo by Josh Applegate via Unsplash.com


How often do you hear successful entrepreneurs and others talk about continuous learning?

I’m a huge fan of lifelong learning and one of the best ways to learn is to read.

I mean read anything you can get your hands on. Professional journals, blogs, you name it. Read.

So here’s a brief list of five articles you can read right now that will help you learn something today!  Continue reading “5 Things: Read For Continuous Learning”

5 Beautiful Photos To Inspire You

I believe art and photography inspire us in ways nothing else can. So, since it’s Wednesday and the proverbial “hump day,” why not find some inspiration in some beautiful photos by some awesome photographers!

Sam Ferrara


Massimo Mancini


Graham Holtshausen

Patrick Hendry

Chris Holgersson

Live. Love. Go.