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Tulip In Black And White

black and white tulip photo print

A flower is born….

Spring is a rejuvenation of nature. It’s when the snows melt, the air gets warm and finally new colors emerge from dormant life.

Now take out the color and what are you left with?

A monochrome image of a tulip in bloom that reaches inside your soul. With the recent Easter holiday, I picked up some tulips to add some purple tones to the house and get into the spirit of the season.

The flowers hadn’t bloomed yet so I was looking forward to hopefully capturing some images of fresh blooms.

I lucked out. A tulip is a fun subject to shoot.

Light is key and as an artist and budding photographer, I’m a student of light. For this image, I wanted natural light primarily from behind the flower.

After all, what better way to bring out the lines in the petals and the shape of the bloom than from some natural back light.

Monochrome Shapes

Composition is about shapes. Whether I’m drawing a mandala or capturing something from nature, I’m looking for shapes.

When you’re looking for something to draw or capture, train your eyes to look for the shapes around you. When you’re drawing, starting with shapes helps you form your design.

In your photography, looking for shapes, particularly in black and white, helps with the Rule Of Thirds. You want your image to have a subject and looking for the shapes you want will focus your capture.

Tulip photo print

I love shooting in black and white especially up close. Capturing these types of floral images highlights the simplistic beauty of nature.

I used a Nikon D3300 (it’s not the gear it’s the photographer) with an AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6GII VR lens. Exposure: 1/60 sec., f/4.8, ISO 400.

Flowers brighten rooms and offices. Flowers are a universal symbol of beauty and happiness. Normally, we enjoy flowers because of their color.

But I think there’s nothing wrong with enjoying flowers for their shapes. The structure, the presence. Nothing speaks to this better than a black and white image of a tulip in bloom.

If you like this image, you can find prints here.

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Why A Flower Brings You Happiness



He stood in front of the weathered gazebo. The overcast sky, heavy with moisture. A friar stood with him. A best man, a brother, anxiously waited. Loved ones gathered. Happy, joyous. Relieved the skies held their drops.
The music radiated from hidden speakers. A flower girl accompanied by an energetically bored ring-bearer came down the aisle. Pink petals fluttered in the gentle breeze.
One, two, three couples proceeded down the aisle followed by her, the one we all came to see.
The pink petals laid on the runner. Bouquets filled with vibrant hues of purple and pink. Contrasting against the gray sky. A celebration of love. A union between two hearts. Together they were one.

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