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Hone Your Creativity With Persistence

Over the last few weeks I’ve spent many hours simply drawing. For the first time in a long time, I’ve shown persistence with drawing sunflowers and mandalas.

I’m going with a theme and the goal is to turn these images into a future coloring book. I really enjoy drawing floral and obviously I’m all about the mandalas. But it’s hard, damn hard, to sit and draw a variation of the same thing.

Persistence and creativity, I believe, are linked. In many ways, you can’t have one without the other. Creativity creates the art.

Persistence hones the craft.  Continue reading Hone Your Creativity With Persistence

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Drawing In Nature Or Is It Drawing Nature?


The beauty of drawing isn’t simply what shows up on paper. The beauty of drawing for me is the process. Take for example when drawing in nature, I’m not so much excited about the end result, (well, maybe a little), but I’m more into the process.

Combining the lines, making the shapes, seeing gradually, how the image comes together.

Drawing in nature is about drawing from nature. I think you must be in the environment your trying to draw to fully feel it. Oh, pictures work too.  Continue reading Drawing In Nature Or Is It Drawing Nature?

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Why Creativity Is So Crucial For Entrepreneurship


Creativity and entrepreneurship are like peanut butter and jelly. This is why creatives are entrepreneurs and why creativity is so crucial for entrepreneurs.

I think even if you have a proven business model or your ideas are already planned out, your entrepreneurial pursuits require creativity. No matter how much you prepare, you will need to spark new ideas and overcome unexpected challenges.

This is why entrepreneurs require creativity.

Flexibility and adaptability, both buzzwords that are practical and practicable. If you’re flexible in your processes and adaptable in your thinking, you’re applying your creativity to your business.


“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

-Edward de Bono 


As an artist or photographer you run into challenges daily. For myself, it seems everyday is a struggle. Balancing the 9-5 job, family and whatever else comes my way. Then throw on the business and you see where the challenge is.

I don’t even have the time to draw. That’s where the creativity comes in. I’m forced to find ways to squeeze the art in.

Or how about going for a walk on my lunch break and finding a potted flower and practicing my photography skills? Thank you smartphone camera:


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Creativity Is Healthy

Creativity is healthy not just for your mind but for your business. Especially if your in the creative arts. Constant creativity means your constantly thinking.

Building that well of ideas that pushes your business forward.

I’ve found getting hung up on certain ideas however can become an obstacle. I’ll give you a personal example. I wanted to solely do mandalas. Simple yet detailed designs. But I have this overwhelming, nagging urge to take pictures.

To simply be a mandala artist, or jump into the ocean of photographers?  This conflict held me back for a long time, days even.

But I decided, as every entrepreneur must, to take a risk. That risk is doing both. I can’t help but do both. I love drawing the mandalas and capturing images (however, I’m a budding photographer with years of practice and learning ahead of me.)

But it’s fun. It’s passion. It’s all about the craft. The risk comes in combining both the art and the photography to create a creative business.

As a creative entrepreneur, we must use our creativity to not just create our art, but to create our businesses. Don’t hold yourself back.

Explore your creative, entrepreneurial spirit just like you would your art ideas. Your business will benefit tremendously. One more tidbit, the best way to spark your business creativity, is to learn.

Learn, learn and then keep learning. In the digital age you have to learn everything from SEO to social media marketing to improving your writing skills. The beauty and difficulty of running a business is learning all the facets of the business.

Again, be creative in your approach. Read blogs like

I know, you, like me, we’re creatives. We make art. But if you or I as a creative entrepreneur fail to look at the business side of things, then we have no actual business.


Creativity and entrepreneurship are linked in many ways. Without creativity, your business lacks the ability to be successful.

Keep your mind open to new ideas and new methods. Be prepared to change your business plan. Never forget however, you’re a creative entrepreneur. Show your creativity not just in your art, but in your business too!

Thanks for reading! What sparks your entrepreneurial creativity?

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I Was Thinking…..A Creative JumpStart


I was thinking how easy it is to publish our individual thoughts. Social media, blogging, self-publishing on Amazon, you name it. We all have this opportunity to simply click a button and poof! Our words are out in the world.

But what about our art? Just as easy as it is to publish our words, images and original art are just as easily published.

But it’s our personal fear of doing so that holds most of us back. As a visual artist, sending one’s images out into the digital world is the same as standing in Times Square hold a canvas for all to see.  Continue reading I Was Thinking…..A Creative JumpStart

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Creativity For The Weekend! Have An Amazing Weekend!


It’s the weekend once again, thankfully. There are many things you can do on the weekend, but if you’re not practicing your craft, you’re missing out.

Of course, sometimes we all need a little motivation so for this edition of my Creative Weekender series, here are few things I think will give you inspiration.

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