Monday Motivation: Get Creative by Walking Away


I felt the need for a short blog post on this Monday. Something to get the motivation going for the creatives this week. Here is my thought on why sometimes walking away from what you’re doing is beneficial.

What do you do when you struggle with creativity? The answer is simple: stop trying. Seriously. Stop. Put down what you are trying to do and walk away. Clear your mind.

Remove all thoughts of creating.

Then go back later.

This time away will be empowering. You will be more creative. More clear. A better purpose you will find. Once you see what your purpose for creating is, you will find success.

Try it. I do this at least twice a week. Do you know how challenging it can be to spark your own creativity? It’s daunting but extremely rewarding when that idea takes light.

Be creative today and all week by stepping back. Take some time to clear your thoughts. Once that sparks ignites, there is no stopping your creativity.


A Little Inspiration From Gandhi

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Gandhi said it best and you can apply this thought to your creative process. Treat each day as a way to create something new. Each day is a gift, so take things one day at a time.
Get out and draw, take pictures, whatever you want. Stay creative and live each day.