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Just wanted to make a quick post to share a recent personal publishing success. A couple of weeks ago I was asked to join over at because of a recent piece I wrote about being an introvert. Today I got news my piece was featured on the homepage! Thank you to the staff at for featuring my piece!

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3 Reasons Why Doodling Is Beneficial


Do you doodle? I love to doodle. Over the years I’ve filled margin after margin with aimless, nonsensical doodles. We all do it or have done it at some point.

The definition of doodling is to scribble absent-mindedly. I like to think it’s more of a creative pursuit.

Doodling has several benefits for your daily life and creativity!

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How Being An Introvert Won’t Stop Your Artistic Success

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Is artistic success attainable if you’re an introvert? Is success in any field or industry? Ask Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks or Mark Zuckerberg.

Yes, you can be an introvert and successful at the same time. If you’re an artist or creative of any kind, being introverted is a business advantage in my opinion.

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5 Daily Habits That Boost Your Creativity And Health

Are your daily habits holding your creativity back? Do you try to be creative each day? Can you focus your energy on your creative projects?

It’s not always easy. Creativity needs a daily routine. Finding creative success is about building good, daily habits.

You need to foster habits that you are comfortable with and fit into your personality. These habits become foundations for your daily routine and impact your overall health. Imagine practicing habits that not only improve your creativity but keep you healthy too!

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5 Things I learned From Drawing Every Day


A few months ago I realized the best way for me to improve my art was to make drawing a habit. I dreaded the idea. I know practice makes perfect, but I really didn’t think I could commit to daily drawing.

Then one day I picked up the pencil and started drawing. Day 1.

Then the next. Day 2.

And the next. Nothing extravagant, twenty minutes. Maybe half an hour if I was lucky.

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