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The Simplicity Of Black And White Art


Creativity isn’t static. It’s constantly evolving just as we are. Creativity is the one thing that separates us from all other living things.

It’s our purpose. Everything came from an idea. A creative spark. When I draw, I rarely add color to my designs. There is a purity to black and white. The monochrome has a power. Regardless of how intricate a design becomes, there is simplicity. That is what I’m searching for and aim to create.



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Creative Jumpstart: How Social And Tech Hurt Creativity


Have you considered disconnecting from your social media? Have you considered turning your smartphone off and putting it out of sight?

What if I told you if you did these two things, you would find more happiness and better health? I did it for 3 days and I found peace. Saying no to your social media and your constantly connected tech is actually a good thing. What’s better, disconnecting makes your creativity better.

Continue reading Creative Jumpstart: How Social And Tech Hurt Creativity

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Creative JumpStart: Commitment And Courage


I blog lots about different “things” to get your creativity flowing. So this is a little off the path from an actual thing. It’s called commitment and courage.

Without commitment, you cannot succeed. Without courage, you cannot commit. All the creativity in the universe won’t help you succeed without either one.  Continue reading Creative JumpStart: Commitment And Courage

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Creative JumpStart: Goals For a New Year


A new year, a new set of 365 opportunities to create and make stuff! New years isn’t really a holiday for me. I haven’t stayed awake past 9 in years. For me, the holiday is more of a time of reflection.

A look back at the previous year. Where did I start? What did I learn? Most importantly, where do I want to go in the new year. Continue reading Creative JumpStart: Goals For a New Year

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Poetry For Sunday: The Year It Was

An escape from reality.
Obscure and obscene beliefs,
mainstream fodder. 
The year it was. 
I rubbed my forehead in disbelief.
The world immersed in a bad sinus infection. 
Alas, hope abounds. 
What rubbish and disgust bring,
spurns courage and unity.
The year it was.
Hope. New faces.
Peace and happiness on the horizon.
New beginnings. 
A new chapter 365 pages long. 
The year it will be.