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The Creative Weekender: Get Your History Reading On! Have An Amazing Weekend!


With spring finally here, I think many of us feel a renewed energy and once again a fresh start is needed. I started thinking this past week why do so many “successful” people read?

We hear it all the time how business leaders, authors, other artists are avid readers. The one simple explanation is reading makes us learn and lifelong learning is the true key to success. So for this Creative Weekender post, I thought why not keep it simple and get out a list of books!

Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum and neither do ideas and thoughts we can learn from. I’ll put a different spin on this list and dive into nothing but history. So here is a short list of some great reads you can start this weekend!  Continue reading The Creative Weekender: Get Your History Reading On! Have An Amazing Weekend!

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Creative JumpStart: Start Blogging!


Blogging. It’s become a major part of any successful business. Blogging is also a major part of many individuals daily lives. We learn many things from all kinds of blogs.

Nothing gives more people an easy opportunity to share their knowledge, skills, and opinions. Facebook can be deleted. Twitter can go bankrupt. Instagram can’t express in words what’s on your mind. But blogging is the key to the ultimate personal expression.

Let me tell you why writing a blog, is one of the best ways to spark and practice your creativity.   Continue reading Creative JumpStart: Start Blogging!

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Creativity For The Weekend! Have An Amazing Weekend!


It’s the weekend once again, thankfully. There are many things you can do on the weekend, but if you’re not practicing your craft, you’re missing out.

Of course, sometimes we all need a little motivation so for this edition of my Creative Weekender series, here are few things I think will give you inspiration.

Continue reading Creativity For The Weekend! Have An Amazing Weekend!

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How To Build Your Creative Self-Discipline


In 2014 I was sitting on my couch blankly staring at my television. I was bored, really bored. I don’t even remember what was on at the time as I have a notorious channel-flipping habit.

Television was so unimpressive, I got up and wandered around my house. I ended up in our home office looking for an old sketchbook and set of graphite pencils I received as a birthday gift years ago.

I was so bored, I was going to draw because I had nothing better to do.

This was before I rediscovered the magic of reading again too. So a good book was out of the question.

During this moment of absolute laziness and couch-living monotony, I was “forced” into my creativity. I had no idea this desperate moment of entertainment-seeking was one of the best moments of my life.  Continue reading How To Build Your Creative Self-Discipline