Creative JumpStart: 5 Books To Spark Your Creativity

This Creative Jumpstart is all about books, I want to focus not actually on creating something. But reading instead.

Reading for me is a daily habit. Not only do you learn much from reading, but you will find tons of inspiration too.

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Creative Jump Start: It’s All About The Turkey

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

This week we wrapped up Thanksgiving in the US and the holiday season is in full swing! Whether we like it or not, and I’m not a fan of the chaotic stress that comes with the holidays, it’s time to get our holiday joy going.

For this week’s Creative Jumpstart, I want you to look for that creative spark from the holiday season.

Once again, grab that pencil and sketchbook or your camera and let’s go!  Continue reading “Creative Jump Start: It’s All About The Turkey”

Poetry For Sunday: Lapse

Image copyright V. Vicari 2017
Momentary lapses of formidable emotions.
Exuberant joy spread from heart to soul.
Jumping jacks of excitement spring from the body.
Come here. 
I beg of you.
Just for a moment.
Well, lunch instead.
A longing to see you is an understatement.
Emotion beyond desire.
A chemical equation:
You plus me equals lovely perfection.
Come here. 
Let my lapse of control equal eternity.