Do This If You Want To Be Spectacularly Creative

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Henry David Thoreau said, “this world is but a canvas to our imagination.” When I think of those words, I think of what power each of us has in controlling our own creativity. Artists, writers, photographers, musicians, entrepreneurs all strive to paint their own canvas.

At the same time, we struggle to unleash that creativity. I  remember numerous times when I agonized over what I’m going to create. Take for example this post, I spent hours thinking about what I wanted to write. Hours. Frustrating to say the least.

Are you tired of struggling with creativity?  Continue reading “Do This If You Want To Be Spectacularly Creative”

Why You The Creative Parent Should Be A Role Model

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Did you ever want to be a role model for your kids but think you fail at it miserably? Working a full-time job and then trying my hand at a creative business is more than just hectic. It’s a vortex where time goes never to be found again. Yet, I, and many creatives make the time for our kids. Not because we should. Not because we’re supposed to, but simply because we want to. A creative dad or parent strives for so much in life yet our kids are the single most important “achievement.” Continue reading “Why You The Creative Parent Should Be A Role Model”

Productivity Is Doing One Thing And Doing It Well

One Thing
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Have you tried doing one thing? We are consumed with the idea we must do multiple things at once in order to be more productive. To quote Joe Biden, multi-tasking is a bunch of malarkey! Multi-tasking simply doesn’t work, especially if you’re in the creative business. Rather than attempt to accomplish lots of things all at once, do one thing and do it well.  Continue reading “Productivity Is Doing One Thing And Doing It Well”

5 Weekly Goal-Setting Tips For Creatives

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Setting goals is important to any creative business. Without goals, you will flounder and honestly, not achieve what you hope to accomplish. I think many creatives find goal-setting too structured. After all, many creatives are introverts and enjoy the non-conformity of creating. So why put yourself in a box and set goals?  Continue reading “5 Weekly Goal-Setting Tips For Creatives”

Ideas To Organize Your Creative Space


I’m always looking for ways to organize my creative space. There, I said it. That’s the first step in admitting I need to get organized and down to business. Do you have the same problem? I bet many creatives have a similar problem. We have a tendency to accumulate art stuff: pencils, erasers, brushes, sketchbooks, and my favorite the random sketch on a piece of paper that’s just sitting there. Organization is the key to not only a successful art business but your personal sanity.  Continue reading “Ideas To Organize Your Creative Space”