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Creative JumpStart: Goals For a New Year


A new year, a new set of 365 opportunities to create and make stuff! New years isn’t really a holiday for me. I haven’t stayed awake past 9 in years. For me, the holiday is more of a time of reflection.

A look back at the previous year. Where did I start? What did I learn? Most importantly, where do I want to go in the new year. Continue reading Creative JumpStart: Goals For a New Year

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Solitude Is Good For The Soul So Disconnect!

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In search of solitude I go. I will admit lately I can’t get out of my own way. I sit and try to compile lists of things I want to do, both creatively and in everyday life. But I get caught up in my thoughts and anxieties. I know we all do, but it is more of a problem lately. Part of the problem is disconnecting.

Think about how much we’re connected. The first thing I do in the morning is turn on my phone. I’m good at turning it off when I go to bed as I don’t want that random 2 am sleep interruption. But the moment I wake, I’m reaching for the smart phone and on it goes. I can’t even count how many times a day I check various social media and email. Sound familiar?

Even as write this post, my phone is sitting on the desk in front of me and my monitor.

All this connectivity adds to the distraction and detachment from what I want to do. I see what other artists are doing and how others are living their lives and I say, “wait! I should be doing that.”

But then nothing. I can’t get out of my own way.

I look at what Ryan Lochte did in Rio. His actions and more so his response got in his way. A tarnished reputation that I suspect will take time to overcome, if ever. I know it’s an extreme comparison, but sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

It’s the same I think for me and probably many other creatives: we want to do so much but can’t seem to move out of our own way. Our own thoughts and action, or inaction, keep us from achieving our purpose.

Find the Solitude Everyday Just For a Moment

It’s easy to let myself get distracted. No I haven’t jumped onto the Pokemon Go craze and nor will I. But I get distracted by many other things from the news, to sports to even DraftKings, (yes, I love the fantasy football and thankfully it’s back in New York.) All these things and many others distract and corrupt the peaceful mind.


“In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.” 

-Laurence Sterne

I need to disconnect, even for thirty minutes a day. We all do. It’s finding that peaceful place to delve into our thoughts or to simply think of nothing. . Finding a little solitude will go a long way. The point is to get out of my own head. Once I do that, my creative process will prosper. At the very least, I’ll feel much better.


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Art Experimenting Works! Why Aren’t You Trying It?



For the longest time I always wanted to be a landscape artist. Then I said why not portraits? Then is was abstract. Then it was Zentangles. Then it was mandalas. Oh there are animals and flowers too. It was this experimentation that made me realize what I want to do as far as my art. Yeah, this took a while and the pile of balled-up paper in the garbage showed my frustration. But in the end, I learned and I grew as an artist by experimenting.  Continue reading Art Experimenting Works! Why Aren’t You Trying It?

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5 Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts
Tuesday Thoughts
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Each day we should discover something new or give thought to what that day brought us. During the daily grind it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. We sometimes fail to see the meaning in things. We all take many things for granted. Especially the people in our lives. Did you stop for a moment today and ask yourself are you happy? What did you learn about yourself today? Continue reading 5 Tuesday Thoughts