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New Artwork To Start The Week!

As time goes by we sometimes get distracted from what truly matters to us.

It’s been nearly two months since I last posted on the blog and yes, I’m horribly, terribly disappointed in myself.

But that’s life.

Needless to say, I haven’t stopped creating. So to get myself back on the blog and get back into writing, why not a post of some new art.


My focus is starting to narrow with combining the mandala art and nature-inspired art.

Who doesn’t love a mandala-infused tiger? The point to creativity is to express yourself.

I will admit I’m hopelessly caught between creating what I want to create vs. what I think will do well on social media. Which of course you can find me on Instagram and Twitter @vvicariart.

But art and creativity isn’t about everyone else. Art and creativity is about personal leadership. It’s an exploration into our own minds.

A deep dive into our souls.

Ok, maybe a little too deep for a Monday evening post but I’m inspired by the New York streets outside my window.

What’s more of a contradiction than creating wildlife and mandala art in the middle of Manhattan?

As always, stay creative and don’t hold yourself back. Create, design, write, what brings you joy. That’s point.

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Creative JumpStart: Start Blogging!


Blogging. It’s become a major part of any successful business. Blogging is also a major part of many individuals daily lives. We learn many things from all kinds of blogs.

Nothing gives more people an easy opportunity to share their knowledge, skills, and opinions. Facebook can be deleted. Twitter can go bankrupt. Instagram can’t express in words what’s on your mind. But blogging is the key to the ultimate personal expression.

Let me tell you why writing a blog, is one of the best ways to spark and practice your creativity.   Continue reading Creative JumpStart: Start Blogging!

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Creative Jumpstart: How Social And Tech Hurt Creativity


Have you considered disconnecting from your social media? Have you considered turning your smartphone off and putting it out of sight?

What if I told you if you did these two things, you would find more happiness and better health? I did it for 3 days and I found peace. Saying no to your social media and your constantly connected tech is actually a good thing. What’s better, disconnecting makes your creativity better.

Continue reading Creative Jumpstart: How Social And Tech Hurt Creativity

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How To Write A Killer Intro For Your Art Post

Content Marketing

Art, photography, images tell a story. But what about the story behind the image?

Anyone can post an image of their art or a really beautiful photograph. But it’s the story behind the image that separates the artist from everyone else.

You as the artist create because you want to. You want to share and you want to teach. Customers and art lovers look at your work, not just for the beauty, but for the experience.

Your writing sells that experience. That experience starts with a good, strong and clear introduction.  Continue reading How To Write A Killer Intro For Your Art Post

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How To Write A Killer Headline For Your Content


Have you struggled to write quality content? Have you wondered where to start?

Writing good content isn’t easy. It’s a skill requiring time to learn. It takes practice.

But who has the time? Especially if you’re an artist, you want to spend your time creating. Not writing content.

Think of content marketing as a necessity that drives traffic to your site, gets potential leads and eventually gains conversions and customers. That’s great and all except you draw or paint. You don’t write.

You want the conversions and the customers to buy your art. But how do you write content?

This post is the first in a series of posts for writing content for creatives (and really anyone else). Today, I’m going to give you five tips on how to write a killer headline for your content.  Continue reading How To Write A Killer Headline For Your Content