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The Creative Weekender. Have An Amazing Weekend!


Whether you’re a professional, full-time creative, or a professional, side-hustle creative, or you just want to be more creative we all could use some inspiration.

So I’m introducing a new series of posts called, “The Creative Weekender.” Let’s face it, many of us do lots of creating during the weekends. We’re creative weekend warriors.

Each Friday I’ll share some things I find inspiring, creative, interesting or simply cool. After all, it’s a creative life, right? Continue reading The Creative Weekender. Have An Amazing Weekend!

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Artwork In The Works


Over the past two weeks, I’ve experimented with some different ideas. Mainly, I wanted to incorporate typography and shadowing into my work. Nothing too crazy, but just adding some depth and words to some mandala art.

If you don’t experiment, you don’t learn. So check out these pieces.  Continue reading Artwork In The Works

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New Art: A New York State Of Mind

New York State

Sometimes when creating art, I struggle for ideas. But then something clicks. Something in the back of my mind just says try this.

Living in the great state of New York, this idea was rather obvious. I thought, why not add a little mandala art to the Empire State?

The New York State Of Mind

I don’t think you have to live in New York to have that state of mind that motivates you to experiment. To create what you feel. It really is a state of mind.

Creativity, in whatever field is an emotion. This is called passion. So create what you want. Do what you feel you need to express yourself visually and creatively.

This piece isn’t done yet. I seem to want to make it grow. Stay tuned for more with this work-in-progress.

Go. Create. Express yourself and don’t stop.

Of course, if you need a little inspiration, here’s some Billy Joel to help you get in the mood:

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Creative JumpStart: How To Express Yourself When You’re An Introvert


“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt.”

-Sylvia Plath


They say extroverts have all the fun and success. I say that doesn’t need to be true. We’re not all the life of the party and that’s ok. But if you’re introverted like me, sometimes your creativity and artistic expression suffer.

So how do we stop this self-defeating curse?  Continue reading Creative JumpStart: How To Express Yourself When You’re An Introvert

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A Mandala Called Stasis


Mandala art is really a journey in self-expression. I find when drawing a design, I become lost in the symmetry and the free-wheeling exercise of drawing. It’s a contradiction on paper. Drawing a mandala or any original design is a free ticket to simply be creative.

The idea behind my piece called “Stasis,” was to incorporate a little alien-ish design while holding to the repetitive circles and intricate details. The circles that go along the perimeter of the design create negative space but I think they remind the viewer of a crop circle. I feel these circles pull your eye to look all around the design. Continue reading A Mandala Called Stasis