Shop heavyweight Champion hoodies! Designed for an active lifestyle. Each hoodie features an original, hand-drawn, mandala design. If mandala art isn’t your style, check out some floral illustration. Each piece is nature-inspired. Creativity knows no limits. Mix nature, creativity and practicality together. And look good doing it. If you’re going for a run, hitting the gym, or simply lounging around the house, then these hoodies are perfect for you.


Shop wall art featuring original artwork of nature-inspired mandala art. Also, you will find floral illustrations and some zentangle too. Each piece is perfect for your home, office or as a gift. Enjoy nature with flower art. Get unique with mandalas. Each mandala design will help you relax. Find focus to be more successful. Mandalas are found throughout human history. In nearly all cultures we find mandala art. Religions across the globe abound with mandala designs. From the intricate to the simple, there’s a mandala for every occasion. My floral artwork is a way to celebrate the beauty of nature. Decorate your space with unique, botanical art.


Shop original stickers for any purpose. These original, bubble-free stickers come in multiple sizes. Whether you’re decorating your phone, laptop or sticking them on a notebook, stickers are fun and unique. Not a sticker person but know someone who is? These original art stickers make perfect gifts. Best of all, each sticker is a print featuring original mandala and floral artwork!


Photography is an art, a skill, a passion. I find inspiration for most of mandala and floral artwork through taking photographs of the natural world. Whether it’s a bunch of trees in the snow, a unique cloud pattern high above, or a fallen leaf near a tree, some of my images make it to prints. Complement your space with photography and bring the outdoors inside.