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New Artwork To Start The Week!


As time goes by we sometimes get distracted from what truly matters to us.

It’s been nearly two months since I last posted on the blog and yes, I’m horribly, terribly disappointed in myself.

But that’s life.

Needless to say, I haven’t stopped creating. So to get myself back on the blog and get back into writing, why not a post of some new art.


My focus is starting to narrow with combining the mandala art and nature-inspired art.

Who doesn’t love a mandala-infused tiger? The point to creativity is to express yourself.

I will admit I’m hopelessly caught between creating what I want to create vs. what I think will do well on social media. Which of course you can find me on Instagram and Twitter @vvicariart.

But art and creativity isn’t about everyone else. Art and creativity is about personal leadership. It’s an exploration into our own minds.

A deep dive into our souls.

Ok, maybe a little too deep for a Monday evening post but I’m inspired by the New York streets outside my window.

What’s more of a contradiction than creating wildlife and mandala art in the middle of Manhattan?

As always, stay creative and don’t hold yourself back. Create, design, write, what brings you joy. That’s point.

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