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Latest Product: Snapback Mandala Hats


I know its been more than a few days since my last post but I’ve been busy with creating some new designs and some new products. The crossroads of creativity and eCommerce provides the budding entrepreneur with numerous opportunities.

What I love most about this opportunity is the chance to put original artwork on various….hats.

How fun is that?

When I came of age in the ’90s, yes last century, I was a lover of hats.

Hats serve many purposes. They look good. They cover bald spots. You can show your support for your favorite team. And now with the collision of tech and art, one can put artwork on hats.


Simple Mandala Design Snapback Hat

Stay inspired with a simple mandala and the contrast of yellow and black thread. This hat is stylish with a minimalist approach to design. This hat is perfect for the day-to-day flow of life. Yet, stylish enough to wear on special occasions.

This is a one-size fits most hat with a high profile.

Keep the brim flat or go classic and give your headgear a nice little bend. My designs are inspired by nature. The simplicity of leaves and floral patterns really speaks to the beauty of nature.

I try to incorporate these feelings into my work. This simple mandala aims to combine a leaf-inspired image with a contrast of colors.

I most hope, if you choose to wear my gear, to get outside and enjoy nature. Mix a little art with your hike or just sitting around the camp fire.

You can find this hat here.


Crimson and Gold Special


This crimson and gold hat I feel truly embodies the spirit of creativity well lived. Again, I want a minimalist approach to the design while still infusing some nature.

This hat features the Symbiosis Mandala. The symbiotic relationships that exist within nature teach us the importance of living a well-balanced life.

Add a powerful color such as crimson as the background for the yellow and black thread and now you have an artistically symbiotic relationship.

Grab a piece of nature, art and style here.

Thanks for reading and live your life with a little creativity!


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