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I Was Thinking…..A Creative JumpStart


I was thinking how easy it is to publish our individual thoughts. Social media, blogging, self-publishing on Amazon, you name it. We all have this opportunity to simply click a button and poof! Our words are out in the world.

But what about our art? Just as easy as it is to publish our words, images and original art are just as easily published.

But it’s our personal fear of doing so that holds most of us back. As a visual artist, sending one’s images out into the digital world is the same as standing in Times Square hold a canvas for all to see. 

Yet it’s essential as a creative entrepreneur to get your stuff out there. Marketing your work is absolutely essential. How do you do it with that fear of rejection?

You simply do.

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.”


I was thinking how long it takes many creatives to achieve “success.” For most of us, there is no overnight success. Success is achieved over time. Just like any entrepreneur, business success depends on a few key things:

  • Consistency. Creating requires consistency. From drawing to painting to writing. Consistently publishing work improves your skills and our exposure.
  • Persistence. Every entrepreneur shares the persistence trait. Artists are no different. We’re nothing if not persistent with our creative work. We must be persistent with our creative businesses too.
  • Patience. Creative work and creative business requires patience. Remember, success doesn’t happen in a few minutes, hours or even days. Success takes years. Years!

The point of my rambling is more of a reminder to all creatives, whether working for yourself or you work for an organization, creative success takes time.

Wrap Up

Slow down. Take your time. Plan your success. Maintain consistency through your persistence and patience. You believe in your creativity, as you gradually market yourself, other will believe in your too.

As Confucius says, don’t stop. Even if you do one thing a week, do that one thing. Move on to the next. Keep going. Don’t ever stop.


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