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Don’t Be a Victim To Fear of Failure


I’m scared.

Very scared. Scared of failing at my creativity.

Not so much scared of losing my creativity as I believe creativity is ingrained in human DNA.

I’m scared of failing to pursue my creative ideas. Failure is a really, really frightening thing.

Rejection of my ideas and my art is nothing new to artists. Us creative types pick up our pencils and brushes with a side order of fear.

How does one not become a victim to fear of failure?

The answer is quite simple, but quite hard to do.

Instead of fearing failing, embrace the fact you, I, will fail. Accept it.

Go ahead, it’s ok.

Once you accept failure as a part of success, your mental shift has begun.

We as creatives, entrepreneurs, even parents, must accept failure as part of life.

After all, if you’re not’ll never succeed.

Countless times my art has fallen flat. I have more what-the-h-pages in my sketchbooks then “oh how nice” ones.

I still post those images at times. Why? Sadistic tendencies? No. Growth.

If something works, I learn. If something fails, I learn. That’s the point: to grow as an artist and a person you must learn.

Failure =learning.


Don’t fear failure when you’re creating. You will grow from it. I promise you. You must embrace the mindset of victory.

Overcome your fear of failure by embracing the reality of it. Accept it. Have a beer. Move on and create something new.

Do you fear failure? If so, what do you fear failing at?

Thanks for reading!

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