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Creative Weekender: 5 Things! Have An Amazing Weekend!


I was remiss in posting a Creative JumpStart this week. Hey, life happens. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about different things to spark my or your creativity.

So for this weekend, check out these five things to get your creativity flowing. 

I’m all about the outdoors and enjoying the sites that nature gives us. I’ll take a mountain over a skyscraper any day. But, I have to admit, there’s some awesome and inspiring architecture out there. Check out the creativity in this structure:

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Read An Artist Blog

Artists like to write too. And some are really good at blogging, (better than me for sure.) To find some inspiration and get motivated for the creative weekend, check out Janice Tanton’s Blog.

Get Outdoors And Be Inspired

My work both in drawing mandalas and photography is inspired by nature. So I’m a huge fan of getting outside. That’s why, I just joined 17 million other members on For just $20 you get a lifetime membership full of goodies.

If you’re not familiar with REI, they have everything imaginable for camping, hiking, biking, yoga and more! Get discounts on expert-led courses too.

Check out the site and sign-up!

Read A Good Book…Or Three

I always like to give a book recommendation. Reading is fundamental. For this weekend, I’m giving three recommendations in The Liberation Trilogy by Rick Atkinson.

These books are thick, detailed narrative of World War II. I’ll admit they’re not for everyone, but I encourage you to give the trilogy a try. You won’t regret it.

How does World War II scholarship help your creativity? Well, simple, you gain perspective on life. On what truly matters and why happiness is everything. If that doesn’t motivate you, well….

A Little Product Plug

Over the past week I’ve hoped for less snow, warmer temperatures and simply wished for Spring to actually start. Thankfully, baseball is back so I know we’re close.

With that, I was inspired to make a new product for one of my favorite landscapes: the beach. Okay, this works in your bathroom too, but here’s hoping for some warm sun.




Here’s hoping to a beautiful summer. If you like this beach towel, check out the link to my store here.

As always, stay creative and have an amazing weekend! Thanks for reading.

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