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Creative JumpStart: Start Blogging!


Blogging. It’s become a major part of any successful business. Blogging is also a major part of many individuals daily lives. We learn many things from all kinds of blogs.

Nothing gives more people an easy opportunity to share their knowledge, skills, and opinions. Facebook can be deleted. Twitter can go bankrupt. Instagram can’t express in words what’s on your mind. But blogging is the key to the ultimate personal expression.

Let me tell you why writing a blog, is one of the best ways to spark and practice your creativity.  

I can say many things in 280 characters on Twitter.

A picture on Instagram is worth countless words. But my own blog is something that is eternal. Those other platforms can easily disappear. There will always be hosting companies and ways to make a blog post.

Blogging For Your Brain

Creativity doesn’t come easy. I’ve said it before, finding your creativity requires effort and work. Blogging helps your mind to think creatively. How this works is rather simple: Storytelling.

When we write blog posts we’re telling a story or at least attempting to. I’m doing it right now. I’m telling you a story of how blogging makes you more creative. Let me give you an example.

A few months ago, I was struggling to visually come up with a mandala design. I wanted something intricate. Something “cool.” A design that was very detailed and borderline insanely meticulous. But I lacked the creativity to come up with this design. I just didn’t have it.

I pondered, I thought. Still nothing.

So I started reading. Not just anything, but other blogs. Art and design blogs specifically. None of which, had anything to do with mandalas. It was just art.

I went over to Tom Chalky to check-out his fonts. I browsed Jeremy Cowart to simply gain perspective.

Reading or looking at these blogs forced me to slow down and just think. My creativity started to flow. I found my creative spark. And I learned something too.

I learned it was ok to get completely away from my original idea. So instead of drawing a fancy mandala. I grabbed my Nikon and outside I went. I ended up a unique and intricate photo of some trees:

Winter Trees Copyright V. Vicari 2018

I was inspired by what I read and saw that I changed my perspective. Instead of trying to create something of my own, I once again relied on nature to provide me with what I was looking for.

The intricate design was already there. I just had to look up.

5 Reasons Blogging Is Good For You

Let’s set aside the creativity and business side of blogging. Writing your own blog is about sharing your story with others. Remember that self-expression that is the root of all human endeavor. Blogging is just another way to do what is inherently human.

Here are 5 reasons why blogging is good for you:

  1. Expression. Your blog is your own piece of the Internet. Yours. No one else owns you. You write what you want and say what you want to say. It is the ultimate form of freedom.
  2. You think more. Writing your own blog forces you to think about words and ideas. You have no choice but to simply think and formulate your own ideas.
  3. You learn to research. Unless you are the undisputed world expert in your particular niche, you need to research ideas and information to write your blog posts. Blogging isn’t just about spewing ideas. If you want to add value, you need to research and develop your ideas. You may change your perspective like me.
  4. You learn to write. Writing is the key to any endeavor you will partake in. Whether it’s your day job, your artwork (think artist statement), a business proposal, you need to write and write well. Good writing gives you voice that others will listen to.
  5. You add value to others and yourself. I think blogging is secretly a selfish pursuit disguised as teaching others. Regardless, you’re providing value to others and to yourself. Think about how you feel if someone else learns something from your words. That is power.

When you express yourself to add value to others through your writing based on well-researched ideas, now you have something. You have content. Blogging is more than just a bunch of words on a screen.

Blogging has a purpose.

The Blogging Habit

I’ve written about habits before. Habits create consistency. Finding your creativity and building a creative business really comes down a consistent approach to everything.

If you make physical products you need to commit to a routine to produce those products. The same goes for content marketing and social media. I used to post on Instagram once a week and hoped.

A lot of hope. More like a prayer.

I quickly realized what everyone said was true, a random post once a week and no one will remember you. This applies to your blogging as well as your social media. Make blogging a habit.

That habit becomes consistency. People will follow and listen.

Now that your blogging regularly, you’re creating regularly because your creativity is flowing. Congrats! You just made creativity a habit.

Wrap Up

Read, research, think and write. Blogging doesn’t require you to be a writer. You just need a thought, some time and a jumpstart. Every artist needs an outlet to express themselves.

To test new ideas. To get feedback. Writing a blog does all this and more. Remember, the social networks can disappear tomorrow and your voice, your business with them. The blog post is forever.

Now go, write your idea and hit publish!


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