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Why You Can’t Hesitate To Be Creative

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Creativity isn’t a destination. I’ve finally accepted this as the truth about my creative process.

What about you?

Creativity is a journey. It’s a long, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, occasionally boring, usually tedious voyage through life.

But it’s a daily grind. A mission that’s personal and imperative. It’s wonderful. 

Exploring your creativity is simply the happiest “thing” you can do in life besides have kids. Expressing yourself through whatever you choose to make is the single most import endeavor you will do.

Trust me.

Creative Because You Want To

Do you want to find success with your creativity? Do you want to make money from your creativity? I’m here to tell you to stop thinking about creativity as a means to an end.

Creativity doesn’t work that way. It’s too personal. It’s too impractical. If you don’t agree with me, just read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Are you afraid of creativity? Are you afraid of others? Don’t be. Just be.

Make a plan for yourself and realize your creativity is yours and belongs to no one else. Make your creative manifesto.

I don’t prescribe to the notion we create for money or success. Yes, artists are creative entrepreneurs and we want to make money. But you, me, we may never find the million-dollar success.

That’s OK. You’re creativity, my creativity is actually priceless.



I will never tell you to stop. I will never tell you to not enjoy and love what you do. Even if you are introverted and afraid to share, you still must create.

Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s a constant part of the universe. Without it, we wouldn’t have iPhones, agriculture or Fidget Spinners. Creativity is really the foundation upon which we exist. That and atoms.

Wrap Up

The point of making stuff isn’t to please others. It’s not to listen to the “expert” opinions. It’s not to boast and say “hey world, I made that!” Creating most certainly isn’t about listening to criticism. Creating is about joy. It’s about you.

Don’t limit your daily existence to lattes and various streaming services. Pick up a pencil, a camera, a guitar, a freaking crayon and make something. Anything.

Exploring your creativity is an obligation to yourself. You owe it to yourself. Feel guilty yet? Now go and make something.


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