Why Change Is Good

Change is the one constant in life and if our current world teaches us anything, we need to embrace change.

As an artist, I think constantly about how things look. What does the line convey. Is that the right shade. Do I really want that to be a part of the image. I’m constantly changing my drawings.

I erase a lot.

This idea of constant change applies to my digital existence as well. I don’t enjoy spending copious amounts of time on social media. But, like any good entrepreneur, the various platforms serve a financial and creative purpose.

So does my site. The challenge, and therefore the need for change, comes in with finding balance between the digital life and the real world.

I think most of us agree, even in times when our digital connections are so important, too much digital is simply not good.

Over the next several weeks I’m going to revamp my site. I’m going to overhaul everything from the homepage to a number of products. Why? Several reasons that include I don’t like the way it looks. I’m not serving my purposing of providing value to others the way I feel art should.

Finally, and for purely selfish reasons, it’s too complicated. I want simplicity. I want those who take the time to visit to easily see the artwork. Maybe make a purchase or two. Speaking of purchases, the products currently available, just aren’t what I want out there.

Change is scary but healthy. Change is good. Life is already very complex. Why not simplify?

Stay tuned for some changes.

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