Poetry For Sunday: That Time


Remember that time we sat on the bench?
That short time like watching grass grow. 
We talked. We giggled. We were like children.
Except with cappucino in hand.

Remember that time, we sat in the car?
That hour lasting for days. 
The memories of our shared kiss.
Something forbidden, yet perfect. 

Remember that time, I took you to the movies?
You said it was the official first date.
I said it was number three. 
We held hands throughout.

Remember that time, you thought I was going to ask?
Instead we strolled through the woods.
Scared I was.
Disappointed you were. 

Remember that time, I did ask? 
You couldn't help but say yes.
Our love was perfection like diamond.

Poetry For Sunday: Soul Searching

Copyright V. Vicari 2017

Why do I compete?
Constant comparisons.
For what? 
A social network?
Searching, seeking truth.
My inner persona.
My genuine self.
What does it matter,
what you think.
What are you to me?
A friend?
You wouldn't judge.
You would accept.
Maybe it's time.
Maybe we need to split.
A divorce of friends.
I've searched.
The depths of me.
I found you there.
Making crumbs of stress
on my soul.
It's time.
Just walk away.
I'll do the same.
A search of the soul.
Let us leave.
No one but myself,
to blame.

Poetry For Sunday: Reflections

Poetry Meiying Ng 

I blinked. 
One minute minute. 
A moment of history. 
Reflection upon time. 
Remember the cracked mug? 
We talked for hours. 
We spoke of things, 
That may not come. 
Of future moments. 
Future reflections. 
New beginnings. 
Remember the picture? 
That one of your grandma. 
She loved to cook. 
We loved to eat. 
Reflection on her love. 
Old, yet vibrant. 
Alive, yet still. 
No regrets. 
She lived. 
Money was of no consequence. 
Happiness, was the point. 
Her meatballs, oy. 
The train lurched. 
I blinked again. 
Memories of past. 
Happiness. Reflections. 
Come back. 
Lets reflect again,