Creative JumpStart: Sketch Your Hike


This week’s Creative Jumpstart involves two of my favorite things: drawing and hiking.

Nature is, well nature. The natural world is beautiful, both simple and complex, and many times magical.

My photography and most of my art are inspired by the natural world. For this creative jumpstart, I want you to find your own natural inspiration. Oh, and take a hike too! Continue reading “Creative JumpStart: Sketch Your Hike”

Creative Jumpstart: Draw Your Music

Photo by Gabriel Gurrola on Unsplash

It’s time for your creative jumpstart. This week, let’s talk music.

Visual artists, photographers, writers, we need our music. Think about how much your creativity flows when listening to good vibes.

So what do I mean by drawing your music? Simple. Grab a pencil, pen or heck even a paintbrush and let’s get to work.  Continue reading “Creative Jumpstart: Draw Your Music”

Creative Jumpstart: Create In Black and White

Last week I spoke about shading and how you can spark your creativity. Today, let’s talk about that creative spark through making art in black and white.

I love a good, powerful, black and white image. Think about the last time you saw a beautifully composed photo in black and white, how did it make you feel?

What about a drawing?  Continue reading “Creative Jumpstart: Create In Black and White”

Creative JumpStart: Get Your Shade On

Black And White Tiger Lily Art Print
Copyright V. Vicari 2017


I work a lot with black and white. Whether it’s photography or drawings, I like the contrast between the dark and the light.

Color is great. Without color, life would be rather drab. But there is something about black and white images that speaks to the pure essence of an image.

Not to mention, images just look cool in black and white.

So for this creative jumpstart, I want you to focus on one aspect of colorless art: shadingContinue reading “Creative JumpStart: Get Your Shade On”

Creative JumpStart: Put Your Coffee Into Words

Photo by Nathan Dumlao via

Are you ready for your next creative leap? Get a jump on your creative life with your morning coffee!

Living creatively doesn’t mean you need to struggle with creating. You can and should create whatever you want.

Since you’re probably like me and fuel your day-to-day with caffeine, why not let your love of java and creativity collide?  Continue reading “Creative JumpStart: Put Your Coffee Into Words”