Mandala Art For Breakfast: Teardrop


Sometimes, when I sit down to write my next blog post, I think about creating art. Sometimes when I’m creating art, I think about my next blog post. Yes, I strive to plan my posts in advance and I research my topics, but some posts are just spontaneous.

My art is always spontaneous. Many everyday things spark ideas and inspire me to create different designs and doodles. That’s the beauty of art.  Continue reading “Mandala Art For Breakfast: Teardrop”

Everyday Art Is Good For Your Health

Everyday Art

I love to draw everyday. I’ve made a habit out of it and I think you should too. Don’t worry if you can’t draw, or at least you think you can’t draw. Everyone can draw something. All you need to do is pick up a pencil and some paper and go to it. So few things in life are this simple. Drawing is really a simple thing to do and the amount of stress it relieves is tremendous. So why are you not drawing yet?  Continue reading “Everyday Art Is Good For Your Health”