Beckoning Trail

The trail beckons. Birdsong resounds.I can’t help it.I’m called to the land.I wouldn’t be me,without the nature.The Earth, oh how good she is.Calls my soul.Tugs my heart like a lover,long lost. The spring is here. The land is mine to traverse.The trail beckons.

Something More

Something More

Something within growls from deep.My belly is full and happy. Yet something fills me with emptiness. Something more.I continuously search. As if lost forever. I can’t find it. Missing from my keys.I search, endlessly. Every moment is a distraction.Something more calls me.Yet I keep searching.I’ve never found this thing.This thing that growls from within.Is it…


Love Simple: A Poem

Black and White Mandala Circle Art Custom Poster by VicariArt Each morning I wonder. Will you still be here? My love grows like crescendo. I hope you stay. Never leave. I fear I’ve pushed you away. A note to you. My love manifesto. My heart in words. Never have a I felt. Joy like this.…