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3 Things You Can’t Change. So Don’t Bother Trying!

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How much time do you waste trying to change things you can’t? Think about this for one moment. I’ve realized, no matter what I do, there are some things in life that I simply have no control over. I can’t change them. So why bother trying?

After all, trying to make something or someone conform to what I want is a huge time sink.

I’m sure there are number of “things” that would make this list. Limiting it to just three is an easy way to make a post. But personally, these three things are not only the most important, but the easiest ones to stop doing. Take a look:  Continue reading 3 Things You Can’t Change. So Don’t Bother Trying!

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Being Your Better Self


Why do we find being a better version of ourselves so difficult? I think we all have the intent and for the most part, we all desire to be “good.” But we all are taught to win at all costs. It’s a cultural lesson to be the best, we must do whatever it takes. Regardless of others.

Yet, have you tried to be your better self? If you come from a place of genuine good, your success in life and in anything you do, is more attainable. Ironically, being your better self is actually selfish and simultaneously altruistic. You feel good when you make others feel good. That is the ultimate high.

Is money that important? To survive yes. But to truly live, not really. To succeed, is that important? I guess it depends on what you want to succeed in. Do you want to draw the most beautiful drawing? How about painting the most beautiful painting? Do you want to raise happy and healthy kids? How about succeeding in all three?

Your Better Self

The best version of you isn’t hard to find. It takes a little effort and some thought. But once you find it, you will know. Your heart will tell you.

I have found my better self when I strive to do the right thing. Doing the right thing isn’t the easy thing, but it feels right. Others may not see it. Others may disagree or even take offense. But a better you makes a better person and eventually others come around. If they don’t, honestly that’s on them. Business, family, friends, everything is about relationships. Success in all these things cannot be found without positive relationships.

If you bring your best temperament to everything you do, your relationships are better, stronger, healthier. Your success is a result. Your heart and mind are at peace. You are happier. People like happy people. Think about that.

Strive and be the best you.

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Monday Motivation: Get Creative by Walking Away



I felt the need for a short blog post on this Monday. Something to get the motivation going for the creatives this week. Here is my thought on why sometimes walking away from what you’re doing is beneficial.

What do you do when you struggle with creativity? The answer is simple: stop trying. Seriously. Stop. Put down what you are trying to do and walk away. Clear your mind.

Remove all thoughts of creating.

Then go back later.

This time away will be empowering. You will be more creative. More clear. A better purpose you will find. Once you see what your purpose for creating is, you will find success.

Try it. I do this at least twice a week. Do you know how challenging it can be to spark your own creativity? It’s daunting but extremely rewarding when that idea takes light.

Be creative today and all week by stepping back. Take some time to clear your thoughts. Once that sparks ignites, there is no stopping your creativity.


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Personal Reflection

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Reflection is tough. The hardest thing to do is, is to step back and look at ourselves. Asking what can we do to improve who we are as a person, is truly difficult.

It’s also the most important thing we can do. Personal reflection is key to success in any relationship. Here’s why.  Continue reading Personal Reflection