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New Graphic Pullover Hoodie For The Fall!

I have a secret love…hoodies. Much to the displeasure of my wife, I could live in hoodies.

In fact, I often try to during the late fall and winter months.

Cool summer nights and definitely when hiking too.

There is nothing better than a warm, comfortable hoodie with cool graphic art.

So check out my latest hoodie:

The mandala design is inspired by nature. I love mountains. They’re majestic. Powerful. Enduring.

Normally I stick to the black and white designs. I rarely work with color. I’m not adverse to color in my mandalas. I simply like the power and contrast of black and white.

That’s why this hoodie is unique. A mix of black and white landscape art surrounded by green leaves.

If you’re interested in this hoodie, or know someone who would be, you can grab one here.

Get out into nature, even if it’s the urban jungle. Stay happy and creative. Find your inspiration and just do. Don’t hold back.

And get ready for the winter with a hoodie too.

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Latest Product: Snapback Mandala Hats


I know its been more than a few days since my last post but I’ve been busy with creating some new designs and some new products. The crossroads of creativity and eCommerce provides the budding entrepreneur with numerous opportunities.

What I love most about this opportunity is the chance to put original artwork on various….hats. Continue reading Latest Product: Snapback Mandala Hats

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The Creative Weekender: Learn How To Draw Some Florals


Drawing for me is more than a passion or hobby, it’s a lifelong journey of creativity.

Did that sound good?

Seriously, I always have and most likely always will enjoy drawing. I love drawing the mandalas because that’s why I do but I also enjoy mixing in the floral work.

Drawing floral art is fun, sometimes challenging and ultimately it looks good. When done right.

While I’m mostly self taught with the floral work, I’m always looking for a point of reference and to learn new things. So I picked up How To Draw Modern Florals by Allie Koch. 


The book is simple, clean and very easy to follow. Look at the examples and follow the instructions on the left page, practice on the right. It’s a great learning tool. Once you mastered her teachings, keep this as a great reference.

One can never stop learning. Now, before you go crazy drawing I suggest you pick up some proper tools. I suggest Pigma Micron markers. You need to and want to go small with a number of your lines. The archival ink quality of Pigma is great.

Remember my thoughts on drawing: it’s about lines, shape and composition. Think of yourself as make a photograph. Your composition is everything. The devil is in the detail so focus on your lines.

Stay small where you need to. Go big where you need want to. Throw-in some accent lines and shadow. Follow along with Allie and you’ll surprise yourself and your friends.

Ok, you don’t have to show your friends.

So for this weekend, pick up this book and get cracking on your own floral art. You will feel inspired and it gives you something different to do.

Take your time. Enjoy what you’re doing. That’s the point, to find some creative inspiration and be happy.

Creativity well lived, it’s a journey.

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Creative Weekender: 5 Things! Have An Amazing Weekend!

I was remiss in posting a Creative JumpStart this week. Hey, life happens. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about different things to spark my or your creativity.

So for this weekend, check out these five things to get your creativity flowing.  Continue reading Creative Weekender: 5 Things! Have An Amazing Weekend!

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The Creative Weekender: Get Your History Reading On! Have An Amazing Weekend!


With spring finally here, I think many of us feel a renewed energy and once again a fresh start is needed. I started thinking this past week why do so many “successful” people read?

We hear it all the time how business leaders, authors, other artists are avid readers. The one simple explanation is reading makes us learn and lifelong learning is the true key to success. So for this Creative Weekender post, I thought why not keep it simple and get out a list of books!

Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum and neither do ideas and thoughts we can learn from. I’ll put a different spin on this list and dive into nothing but history. So here is a short list of some great reads you can start this weekend!  Continue reading The Creative Weekender: Get Your History Reading On! Have An Amazing Weekend!