How To Draw Simple Mandalas

How to draw simple mandalas. Yes, simple. Easy to do. Progress in your art. You can always sit and ponder your creativity. What should I draw? How should I draw it? Let me think. Keep thinking. If I’m thinking, that’s progress. No. It’s not progress. Until you actually draw something, anything, all you’re doing is…

Black And White Art

Black And White Art

The expression one finds in the contrast of black-and-white art is a powerful feeling. This is not to say that works in color are lacking. They’re not. But black-and-white art is something different. It’s basic, natural, earthy. There’s a deep, soulful aspect one can only find when creating in monochrome. Making art, even photography in…

Simple Art

The Simple Art

What is simple art? I’m not sure, but I know I try to keep my art…simple. This is a new piece I’m in the middle of working on. Simple? I’m not sure. But a mix of mandala, floral and zentangle art makes for a pretty interesting “frame.” I was asked why I add so much…


Artwork In The Works

Over the past two weeks, I’ve experimented with some different ideas. Mainly, I wanted to incorporate typography and shadowing into my work. Nothing too crazy, but just adding some depth and words to some mandala art. If you don’t experiment, you don’t learn. So check out these pieces.