Irony Of It All
New York Flower

A Postcard From New York

So last week I spent five, yes five whole days on vacation. This is nothing short of small miracle as I rarely take more than three consecutive days off (including weekends). It’s a problem and does nothing for my work-life balance. Taking more time off is something I’m promising myself and my family I will…

Parent Creative

The Parent Creative

I struggle with balancing the creative lifestyle and being a parent. It’s a challenge that one simply can’t plan for. Or can you? Think about the challenges of parenting. You go from diapers and 2 am wake up screams to kindergarten and soccer practice before you realize it. When are you supposed to create? When…

Better Artist
Inspirational Quotes

4 Inspirational Quotes To Stop Negative Thinking

As creators, we suffer from negative thinking when it comes to practicing our craft. The irony is we create our own negative thoughts. Most of the negative thoughts and ideas are in our own heads. Using inspirational quotes to motivate yourself throughout the creative process is key. Overcoming our own negative self-talk is not only…

Parent Creative

So You’re A Dad And An Artist

You’re a dad and an artist. What does your daily schedule look like? If you’re anything like me, your day-to-day life is hectic, fun, exhausting and purposeful. With kids, creating and possibly a day job, each moment is filled. The challenge of fatherhood and practicing a creative lifestyle is balancing all of it. How do…


Reinventing Your Art

Do you feel you need to reinvent yourself? Why not start by reinventing your art? If you think about art, literature or even music, creating something is reinventing. Each time we create something, we’re making something new. It could be an old idea that gets an improvement. An original essay you edit over and over.…

Something More

Something More

Something within growls from deep.My belly is full and happy. Yet something fills me with emptiness. Something more.I continuously search. As if lost forever. I can’t find it. Missing from my keys.I search, endlessly. Every moment is a distraction.Something more calls me.Yet I keep searching.I’ve never found this thing.This thing that growls from within.Is it…