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5 Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts
Tuesday Thoughts
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Each day we should discover something new or give thought to what that day brought us. During the daily grind it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. We sometimes fail to see the meaning in things. We all take many things for granted. Especially the people in our lives. Did you stop for a moment today and ask yourself are you happy? What did you learn about yourself today?

Here are 5 thoughts that I had today. The reasons for them will stay mine, but you may want to think about them yourself:

  1. Do you truly love what you have in life?
  2. Are you happy? I mean really happy?
  3. Do you miss old friends?
  4. Are you as emotionally tough as you think you are?
  5. If you died tomorrow, any regrets?

So how do these fit in with art? Simple, your creativity stems from your reality. When you create, so many things flow from your world and you don’t even realize it.

Aside from the creative process, by reflecting each day you grow. Personal growth is far more important to the creative process than anything else. As we grow, our ideas grow. We become more complete. Our art grows as well.

Reflect each day. Take a moment and ask yourself 5 questions. They can be anything, but reflect upon your answers. Then create.

Regardless of what you create, good, bad, a do-over, personal reflection will make you feel better. Trust me. I’ve given much thought to things today and each day. I find I’m more creative and I’m more at peace with my world.

After all, isn’t that what we are all in search of?

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