5 Things Friday

The weekend is here and for many of us, we’ll be celebrating various religious holidays.

Although we may find it hard to celebrate in a time of global crisis, we humans are rather resilient.

We’re always looking for a good time.

Here’s five things to take away for this Friday:

  1. Read a good book. Especially one with pictures? I recommend Wolf Empire: An Intimate Portrait of a Species, by Scott Ian Barry.
  2. Video chat with someone you care about. Don’t just do this for five minutes either. Have an actual conversation with some emojis.
  3. Go for a walk. This doesn’t require any interaction with anyone. If you’re fortunate enough to get out and about, do it.
  4. Listen to some jazz. Coltrane, Koz, or Catherine Russell will get you in the groove.
  5. Practice gratitude. Don’t just save this one for the weekend, but this weekend especially, be grateful.

I’m grateful for my readers among many other things. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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