Find Shapes In Nature And Architecture



The basics of art and photography are shapes. Even in nature, I’m looking for shapes.

Trees, hills, bushes, flower petals, you name it. It’s about shapes. And drawing, especially mandalas is well, shapes and lines.

Take the picture above, it’s nothing more than lines and simple shapes. 

First a little background about this image. I captured this in Albany, New York. If you stand outside the New York State Museum, you get an awesome view of the capital buildings.

I then looked up. I saw this image. The complementary lines, the sky, (which was super blue with the white clouds) in the background.

You see the corner of the upper level of the museum parallel to one of the towers. The lines are clean. Straight up and down. The hard, 90-degree angle in the foreground jumps out.

It’s simple, it’s almost mundane in what you see. they’re just buildings. But then again, its architecture.


Practicing Shapes

I prefer the landscape photography and shooting nature. But practice makes perfect.

Sometimes, there are just really interesting shots you want to capture. This image was literally just there. But I want to practice with my lines and seeing shapes in my frame.

Photographing buildings is a perfect way to practice. Look for the lines. The design.

It helps train the eye so when out in the woods or hiking trails, the brain will think along the idea of looking for the natural shape.

This is where the artist meets the photographer. When I draw, I’m drawing shapes. Even simple sketches are nothing but a series of shapes.

Creating photographs and art is difficult. As a creator, I’m a closet perfectionist. But it’s not always that simple.

Almost no drawing or capture is perfect the first, second, third time. Sometimes, never. more often than not, I scrap what I’m doing and start over.

The point is not to give up. Study your lines. Keep trying.

Now the photo above is nothing special. It’s just a practice shot I took with my phone. But, I love the design.

Practice your shapes. Draw, sketch, doodle. But make sure you look for shapes in nature and the urban jungles.

Go. Be. Live. Create.



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