How To Boost Your Creativity With One Simple Trick

Štefan Štefančík

Do you stress over trying to be creative?

I talk about creativity here because it’s the premise on which art and photography and writing exists. It’s the point.

That expression by the creative individual is part of the basic humanity in all of us.

But oh, the stress of trying to create. What if I told you, there is one, simple trick to boosting your creativity every day. 

Each of us has our own tricks for finding creativity. But regardless of time, financial position, day job, this one trick works. In fact, I apply it not only to my art but to my day-job and my home life.

I think.

That’s it. I think.

Creativity Through Thought

I’ve read enough self-help and business books to learn that all “successful” people have one thing in common: they think about what they want.

Now for your creativity, thinking is an obvious but challenging thing to do.

It requires time. Yes, you need to take time to think. So schedule what I call your “thought time.”

This is a block of time where you let your mind simply think. It’s great exercise for your brain. Not to mention, keeping your mind sharp is good for your long-term health.

I usually take about 10 minutes before going to sleep to just let my mind go. I let whatever thoughts come into my brain just flow and simply think.

I then ask questions in my mind related to those thoughts.

The next morning I wake up and I’m ready for a new, creative day.

Jeremy Bishop

Making your mind think and explore thoughts is healthy. It’s like exercise for your cerebrum and cerebellum.

Don’t let time be an excuse. Schedule thought time every day. It can be in the morning, after lunch or before you go to sleep.

But make the time.

Wrap Up

Creativity is a daily practice. Make creativity and daily thought time a habit and you will find more success. Plan your life and make creating something that is non-negotiable.

Whether you like to draw, paint or write. Or, if you want to be an innovator in your career or business, allowing yourself time to think and create will get you there.

Go. Be. Live.

What do you do to think more? 

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