Why A Flower Brings You Happiness



He stood in front of the weathered gazebo. The overcast sky, heavy with moisture. A friar stood with him. A best man, a brother, anxiously waited. Loved ones gathered. Happy, joyous. Relieved the skies held their drops.
The music radiated from hidden speakers. A flower girl accompanied by an energetically bored ring-bearer came down the aisle. Pink petals fluttered in the gentle breeze.
One, two, three couples proceeded down the aisle followed by her, the one we all came to see.
The pink petals laid on the runner. Bouquets filled with vibrant hues of purple and pink. Contrasting against the gray sky. A celebration of love. A union between two hearts. Together they were one.

The celebration followed with loud vibrations, great food, and just enough drink. The tables adorned with large centerpieces. Yellow, white, orange and of course pink petals decorated the wreaths. Large candles illuminated the dimly lit hall. The guests squinted to see and shouted to talk. A party for sure.
It was the flowers that brought nature to the party. The natural beauty that brightened the decorations. Memories were made that night. A love affair that was years in the making, now official. But it was those flowers that brought the life and gave everyone a sense of true happiness.

Flower Photography Makes Happiness

A wedding is a special occasion that is cherished through memories. But it’s this flower image that brings back the memories from that night. A simple, pink chrysanthemum. Nature’s beauty is both simple and elegant. But a picture is worth a thousand words.

The happiness felt that night instantly comes back to mind when I look at this photo. What a great feeling. Amazing how a simple photo can make one happy.


Photography is capable of bringing out emotions instantly. This photo immediately makes me happy. It reminds me of a good time. Why not bring that into your home?Why not create or find an image that makes you happy?

It can be anything, a simple flower photo like the one above. Or maybe a landscape. Or maybe some beautiful nature photography from Thomas Mangelsen.

The point is to help you achieve and maintain your happiness. We are healthier when we are happier. Why not bring inspiration into your home or office. If nothing else, photography can help your creative process. Find your inspiration and happiness.


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