3 Ways To Becoming A Brilliant Leader

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Many times the boss thinks they’re a leader but in the end, they’re really just a boss. There is a difference between being someone who is a boss and then being someone who leads.

Being a boss is easy. Being a leader is the tough part. Continue reading “3 Ways To Becoming A Brilliant Leader”

Why Content Marketing Is Your New Year’s Resolution

Content Marketing

Content marketing is vital to any business. For creative entrepreneurs, content marketing is necessary to any successful pursuit. Without it, you don’t have a business. Online marketing is integral to your creative business. With the new year rapidly approaching, the one resolution you must stick to, is to make content marketing a priority.

So how do you make this resolution for 2017 and most of all, stick to it? You make a plan.  Continue reading “Why Content Marketing Is Your New Year’s Resolution”

Why Successful People Are Never Bored

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I’ve noticed people we all consider successful are never bored. They’re always doing something and not just anything, but useful things. Successful people are reading, writing posts, jotting down ideas, listening.


It’s a great habit really to develop, to always be doing something. Successful people build their success by accumulating ideas and good habits. Never being bored is a key to success.  Continue reading “Why Successful People Are Never Bored”

How I Found Success Practicing These 4 Habits

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We are creatures of habit. We all know some habits are good and others are not. What we forget however, is our daily personal habits translate into our professional lives more than we know. Far too often, I’ve caught myself doing something in the office, that comes directly from my personal habits.

Nothing inappropriate of course.

Rather than focus on the bad habits, there are four important, basic ones, needed in any leadership role.  Continue reading “How I Found Success Practicing These 4 Habits”